Campus Codefest 2017

What is this all about?

Campus Codefest is an event that allows IT staff from across the University to organize and work together based on common interests and skills rather than upon organizational structures and reporting lines. Primarily, it is about professional development and strengthening relationships within our community. Secondarily, it is an opportunity to explore solutions to cross-organizational problems.

Who should attend Campus Codefest?

Many talents and interests contribute to making a great Campus Codefest. Designers, operations engineers, educational technology professionals, business analysts, aspiring programmers, and anyone else interested in building stuff, documenting stuff, automating stuff, designing stuff, or otherwise helping out with or having ideas for projects are welcome to attend.

What kinds of projects are right for Campus Codefest?

Have a look at a projects from a previous year to get some inspiration. At the same time, don't let these ideas limit your thinking! We are a welcoming and friendly group.So, don't be shy, post your idea below!

Have a comment or question?

Contact the Campus Codefest Committee at and we'll get right back to you.

What will the food be like?

We'll have pizza for lunches, coffee/drinks, and a variety of snacks, including stuff like fruit, yogurt, muffins, etc. If you have a dietary restriction, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will work something out for you.

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Hashtag: #umnccf17

Twitter Handle: @umnccf

Back Channel:


Q: Do I have to be a programmer to attend Campus Codefest?

A: No (see event description above)

Q: Will you feed me at this event?

A: Yes (pizza and lots of snacks, coffee, soda, etc)

This event runs from August 24 at 8:00am to August 25 at 4:30pm

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This is University of Minnesota's CoEventer home. This will be a place for community idea submittion, voting, volunteering, event registration and other CoEventer event activities.

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Past Events

Campus Codefest 2013 from August 15 at 3:00am to August 16 at 11:00am

Campus Codefest 2014 from August 7 at 3:00am to August 8 at 11:00am

Campus Codefest 2015 from August 20 at 3:00am to August 21 at 7:00pm

Campus Codefest 2016 from August 25 at 9:00am to August 26 at 5:00pm

What is CoEventer?

CoEventer is a collaborative, idea driven event planning tool. Unconferences, hackathons and other events with community driven agendas require some upfront work. CoEventer helps you from start to finish: Collecting community ideas, voting and volunteering to help collaborate; Inviting collaborators and collecting registrations; Presentations to wrap up your events. CoEventer helps you with each step.